Montessori Class in Zabaleen Area فصل المونتسوري في منطقة الزبالين/ منشية ناصر

منظمة عالم واحد الخيرية بتهدف لنشر المونتسوري في الدول النامية. كان من مشاريعها فصل المونتسوري في منطقة الزبالين منشية ناصر. الأهالي هناك بيفرزوا الزبالة اللي بيجمعوها من حوالين القاهرة و بيحطوها حتى في بيوتهم، و المخلفات العضوية كانت بتاكلها الخنازير اللي عايشة هناك برضو، ده طبعاً قبل المأساة اللي حصلت أيام انفلونزا الخنازير. معظم العائلات هناك قبطية. الأطفال مقدر لهم من سنين عمرهم الأولى إنهم يشتغلوا في التجميع و الفرز، و إنهم يعيشوا في ظروف أبعد ما تكون عن الصحة و الإنسانية. دول الأطفال جوه فصل المونتسوري.


  “The area of Zabaleen (Manshiat Nasser) is one of several quarters where the garbage collectors of Cairo live and work. In this crowded district people’s homes double as garbage sorting depots where almost everything ends up being reused or recycled in some way. Rubbish is generally collected from all around Cairo by the men and boys of the family, who start working as young as 6 or 7 years old. When it gets back to the neighborhood it is the work of the women, the girls and the younger children to do the sorting. It is quite obvious to say that this is dangerous work in terms of hygiene as well as cuts, needles and infections. Until recently, when all of Egypt’s pigs were slaughtered for fear of spreading swine flu, all of the organic waste was eaten by pigs kept in the area (most families here are Coptic Christians).”

“The project has chosen to target the youngest age group for several reasons; to set a solid foundation for physical development (motor skills, muscle development and coordination); to set a solid foundation for mental and social development (boosting self esteem, self awareness, achievement and giving the children a sense of order); most importantly taking the children away from an environment filled with garbage and providing them with a clean and stimulating environment in which to grow.”

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